Urinary Pyrrole Test

Whats Included In Our Pyrrole Test

This simple test requires you to provide a small urine sample. Pyrrole is a waste product not found in healthy urine. It indicates your body is under stress. Co-testing of Zinc and other biomarkers informs your practitioner what you need to repair your biochemistry, and reduce your symptoms. The test also measures a by-product from your gut called Urobilinogen. If there are any extreme measures the laboratory will extend the test to other products in the urine and report immediately to your practitioner.

Urine sample collection can occur at your practitioner’s rooms if they have been approved by AAL.

Most collection occurs at a collection agency. See below for your nearest agency or ask your practitioners office. If the sample is not collected or handled correctly, AAL will order a recollect. Click Here

AAL usually tests the urine sample within in seven working days. The results are uploaded, faxed, phoned or emailed to your practitioner.

Your practitioner will receive

Measure of Pyrrole

Measure of Urobilinogen

Specific Gravity

Full urinalysis if required.

Results report and after service consultation.

Your first Pyrrole test should be before commencing treatment. Re-testing is required after a few months to evaluate your response to treatment and to then review your management plan.

AAL tests have not changed since commencing business. The results are now refined to account for the major interference with the pyrrole measure, the gut by product, Urobilinogen. Separate measure of UB has meant a far more valuable test for the practitioner as it provides much more information. Using the correct two factor analysis scientific method to account for Specific Gravity means AAL does not produce false positives or false negative pyrrole measures.

AAL test is the most accurate pyrrole test available.

Samples that display unusual characteristics are explored to confirm the source of the unusual event. Under NPAAC guidelines we will alert the practitioner of results that lay outside our testing range

The Pfeiffer/ Walsh team correctly expressed Pyrrole is a measure of oxidative stress. They did not have the technology to prove this is so. AAL have proven that their original premise of this test applies.

To reiterate. It is not a condition, a syndrome, a disorder, genetic or an auto immune disease. It tells your practitioner if you have high levels of oxidative stress which must be managed. Re-testing also tells your practitioner how well you respond to treatment.


Pyrrole is only found in urine. Any practitioner who asks you to do any other test to measure pyrrole does not understand the biochemistry.