B6 Risks

Dr Lily Tomas and Pharmacist Chris Testa

B6: The Controversies

B6 is an important co-factor in many reactions which secure good mental health. Understanding the many ways it acts improves patient management plans and reduces B6 overuse risks.

The B6 lecture we are presenting here is very detailed. Our presenters are experienced in the clinical use of B6 and have worked hard to provide up to date referenced material:
• Chris Testa, Pharmacist, and owner of Tugun Compounding Pharmacy, has extensive experience in nutraceuticals and will cover the science of B6.
• Dr Lily Tomas is an experienced educator who has been using nutraceuticals consistently in her 25 years of medical practice. Lily will cover the clinical presentations and management of both deficiency and excess of B6.

Both are Directors of Bio Balance Health Ltd, a not for profit, Charity.

This B6 lecture will take 100 minutes to complete. It has been broken into discrete sections to facilitate learning. We advise not to leave big time gaps between sections so you remember the material.

We welcome feedback and corrections and additions at info@biobalance.org.au .
I am Alison Harrington, current Chair of Bio Balance Health Ltd, and I thank you for registering.

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