Partnership and Collaborations

Applied Analytical Laboratories and Bio Balance Health Ltd, and the universities they are associated with, are committed to further research in this area.

We are all committed to demonstrating the science of mental health and to verification of pathology tests which provide measures of the science related to mental health, and to teaching the clinical application of this knowledge.

Please contact Brett Lambert at AAL if you wish to be involved in this research at any stage either as a researcher, a patient, or a health practitioner.

Research projects we have been involved with include:

Griffith University. 2013 to 2020

Adelaide University and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 2010 and ongoing.

Centre of genomics and personalized health at Queensland University of Technology. 2020 to current.

Griffith Research Institute for Drug. Discovery Access to equipment clearance. 2015 and ongoing.

Evaluation of processes and extraction of compounds. AAL own facilities. Constant.

Since proving the science of pyrroles in urine there are a number of projects in discussion.

Publication of these projects.

Clinical application of the findings to date.

Brett Lambert MSc. Principal of Applied Analytical Laboratories has done extensive research in novel drug discoveries, vaccination research and animal and plant chemistry. As all his work has been confidential except for the papers produced listed here his work is not for public viewing. Brett worked with Astra Zeneca in the 1990’s on novel drug discoveries. His skill with the 800 MHz NMR machine, one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, located at the GRIDD, (ref…..) allowed him to produce research results not previously possible with smaller machinery.

Brett’s understanding of the possible value of this test through his daily interactions with doctors and their patients over the last 15 years and his over 80,000 tests places him in a unique position to drive this world leading research.

Partnerships and Collaborations, Applied Analytical Laboratories