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Applied Analytical Laboratories Pty Ltd is a company incorporated according to law with a registered office and laboratory operating at 6/11 Logandowns Drive, Meadowbrook, QLD 4131. The company was established in the year 2009 and primarily offers a pathology service within the mental health industry but also provides a variety of analytical and consulting services in the areas of health, agricultural production and environmental monitoring for government, industry and community organisations.​

Medical Testing Laboratory

Apply scientific method and sound laboratory practices to the chemical evaluation of a range of sample materials.

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Urinary Pyrrole Testing Specialists

Supply our clients with the most accurate, informative and scientifically correct results within acceptable budgets and minimal time frames.

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Testing Process

Develop and maintain high standards of accuracy, precision and reproducibility in all testing conducted within our facilities. 

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Leader in Pyrrole Research

Develop long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

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AAL Principal Scientist

Dispose of our waste environmentally friendly and responsibly.

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Informed by research – Committed to excellence


AAL works actively with quality researchers at top universities who have quality ethical and research protocol standards. At AAL we trust our ability to understand the science. We are excited by the future research possibilities now we have proven the molecular origin of pyrrole and the relationship to oxidative stress. We regularly work with post graduate students.

AAL works closely with Bio Balance Health Ltd. This organization introduced the pyrrole test into Australia as a prerequisite for commencement of the training of doctors by the USA experts in 2004.

AAL and BBH have always shared the core belief:

Mental health is often associated with a biochemical set of conditions which can be measured and managed.


 If a body is given the materials and components to repair itself, it will.

Our research findings are an essential validation of this belief.

Our research findings will populate our lectures on pyrroles in the BBH Doctor training.

Urinary Pyrrole Test? Some quick facts.

Pyrrole Fraction occurs in the urine when the body is under stress. The scientific test results indicate to your practitioner the stress severity. The associated mental health issues are related to the stress. Repairing the stress should lower the pyrrole and reduce mental health issues.

The range of symptoms are related to the individual’s biochemistry and the underlying cause of the stress.

Pyrrole is not proven to be genetic or a disorder or a condition.

Pyrrole measure has no purpose unless it is scientifically proven to be useful in improving outcomes for patient care.

A high level of pyrrole, when combined with clinical signs of mental health issues, can give the patient hope that the problem can be resolved and a return to normal health is possible.

Pyrrole is a waste product so it must be collected and transported correctly to prevent the product disintegrating. Read further… link to pyrrole testing page

If the pyrrole is not isolated and instead is measured together with other chemicals like urobilinogen, then it is not a useful clinical test.

Kryptopyrrole is NOT what is being measured.

HPL is an artefact of the testing process and not the product which is being tested.

If a patient fails to respond to treatment, then the test has been conducted incorrectly or the diagnosis or treatment plan is wrong.

Urobilinogen is a by-product from the gut. It is not related to oxidative stress. Separate measure of UB can demonstrate other underlying issues which may present as mental distress i.e. blocked bile duct.

A high measure of pyrrole, when combined with clinical presentation of mental health issues, can give a patient hope that the problem can be managed and resolved and a return to normal health is possible. A practitioner who does not use a test which isolates the Pyrrole measure is not serving their clients well.

Publication will occur in due course.

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