Whats Included In Our Pyrrole Test

Applied Analytical Laboratories is a consulting and development laboratory. Current activies include specialist pathology services to medical practitioners treating a range of physical and mental health conditions including as ASD, ADHD, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.
At Applied Analytical, we promise a fast and effective Urine Pyrrole Testing service. Samples that are delivered to our lab are tested within 7 days. We provide result reports to all requesting practitioners via upload to Medical Objects, Phone, Email or Fax. If there are any issues with the sample conditions for example if the sample has not been collected, stored or transported in the correct conditions or if the specific gravity of the sample is abnormal, we will order a recollect.

Our testing protocol has been refined and has remained unchanged for the last 10 years.
Our protocol considers the “Pfeiffer method” and has been further developed to account for the major interferent, Urobilinogen. We have conducted extensive research on this topic and discovered the significant effect that interference has on results.

We are the only laboratory that tests for Urinary pyrroles and corrects for interference.
Our corrected results account for interference enabling us to provide the most accurate pyrrole test results available.

Not only do we provide a measure of Pyrroles in the specimen, we use two factor analysis for specific gravity of all samples and we provide a clear and reliable two-factor analysis of Urobilinogen levels in the Urine, using a Siemens Urinalysis system.
Included in our testing fee, we provide a complete urinalysis for other urine markers to help complete the clinical diagnosis.
Further charictarisations are conducted on samples that display unusual characteristics to confirm the source of the elevated result, wether it is Gut function or Oxidative stress.
Under NPAAC guidelines we will alert the practitioner of any results that lay outside the limits of our testing range.


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Urinary Pyrrole Testing

Included in our Urinary Pyrrole Testing service:

  • Measure of Pyrrole
  • Measure of Urobilinogen
  • Specific Gravity
  • Full Urinalysis
  • Results report
  • After service consulation



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